My Name

Thank you for exploring Detailed Floral Design.  My name is Karese, and I am the owner and lead designer here.  My company is as unique as my name, designed from Charis, the Greek word for grace, with a little personal flair added in.  You can expect my wedding flowers to be unique and personal, tailored to your venue and style.  You can depend on me to work with tireless dedication to create works of grace and detail that bring joy in beautiful and meaningful ways.


My Foundation

I live in Temecula with my exceptionally supportive husband, our children, three crazy chickens and a white kitty.  

My Roots

So how did I end up designing wedding flowers and gardens in Southern California?  As far back as I can remember, my mom brought roses from her garden to give to friends and visitors at church each week.  For her this continues to be a way of bringing love and joy to those she interacts with each Sunday.  

Through my life there have been seasons of joy and many other seasons loss.  Through each and every season Jesus has been my rock and my sustainer, my hope for the future.  

Part of my calling is to bring the grace and beauty of nature into spaces where it can bless people.  Jesus shared that God cared about the flowers in the field, but He cares so much more for every individual.  Whether or not you need detailed floral designs right now, if you have a need or burden that you are tired of carrying alone, I would love to pray for you.  By clicking below and sharing your burden, I can lift up your needs in prayer.


My Path

In high school, I competed in floriculture competitions through Future Farmers of America (FFA).  I designed corsages and centerpieces and judged plant specimens down to the smallest details.  After years of practice, devotion to study, and countless lower level competitions, I WON the California State Finals in Floriculture in 2002.  This is a huge honor, and the equivalent of winning a Grammy for floral design at that level.  However even then, flowers weren't just business for me, but a chance to bless those around me.  For high school dances, I designed personalized corsages for my friends and little sister.  Every Saturday when visiting my physically disabled grandmother, I collected beautiful flowers from her garden, brought them in and designed floral arrangements to grace every room of her home.

At Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, I expanded my knowledge of agriculture form various perspectives.  I gardened, continued to make corsages for friends, and only took three years to graduate Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor's Degree in Animal Science.  I still love animals, but have found my calling to bless others is through wedding flowers and garden design.  The same level of drive and skill that helped me succeed in rigorous competitions and a nationally-ranked agriculture program now helps me achieve unique and impactful results for my Detailed Floral Design clients.

Detailed Floral Design earned 1st Place at the 2019 San Diego County Fair for bridal bouquet design.

Beautiful and Personal

I absolutely love beautiful flowers and purposeful gardens.  Each flower, each plant and each of our clients are created so uniquely and intriguingly, it is my joy and privilege to bring together all the details and showcase them as a work of grace.  I cannot wait to hear about your background, what drives you, and what vision you have for flower design in your life.  How can we work together to create beauty and grace for you?  Please contact me today to schedule your complementary consultation.